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Today at 9:15pm don’t miss mexican film @MacheteLanguage at @EastEndFilmFest (Trailer)


A couple opposed to the injustice of modern Mexico through music and activism commit to an act of ‘poetic terrorism’. A potent punk statement on underground culture and the extent to which middle class kids can really reject their roots.
Director: Kyzza Terrazas

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Films in Progress will present six films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Paraguay


Six films have be selected to participate in Films in Progress 20, to take place on September 20 and 21 within the framework of San Sebastian Festival’s 59th edition.
This year, for first time at Films in Progress, we will present the following titles: Era uma vez Verônica (Brazil), by Marcelo Gomes, who already participated in the Horizontes Latinos section at San Sebastian Festival with his Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus (2005); Infancia Clandestina (Argentina), by Benjamín Ávila, who previously presented the documentary Nietos (Identidad y memoria) in Zabaltegi Specials in 2004; Joven & Alocada (Chile), by Marialy Rivas; Un Mundo Secreto (México), by Gabriel Mariño; La Playa (Colombia), by (more…)

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Tomorrow Closing & Awards Night Chicago Latino Film Festival: “Chicogrande”

Chicogrande Mexico, 2010, 100 min. | Director: Felipe Cazals | Genre: Drama | Spanish with subtitles.

Following the frustrated invasion of Columbus in New Mexico, Pancho Villa retreats, only to be injured by Mexican troops in the city of Guerrero. As a pretext for the US military to journey into Mexico, a massive campaign is launched to capture Villa dead or alive. Convalescent, Villa takes refuge deep in the mountains while Chicogrande (Damián Alcázar), an anonymous Mexican Revolution hero, is given the task of finding medical assistance while preparing to give up his life in the attempt. (more…)

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Film of the week: Interview with Carlos Moreno Talks All Your Dead Ones

One of our favorite foreign films at Sundance was All Your Dead Ones, directed by Colombia’s Carlos Moreno. It’s a slightly absurdist fable in which a poor farmer finds a pile of dead bodies dumped in his field on election day. The story is slow-moving but powerful, the acting is wonderful (especially by lead Alvaro Rodriguez and by Jorge Herrema as the mayor), and the cinematography is marvelous (the film won a Special Jury award for cinematography). Moreno sat (more…)

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Berlinale review: Tropa de Elite 2 (Photos & Videos)

In 2008 at the Berlin International Film Festival (aka the Berlinale; /ber-lee-nah-lae/) a Brazilian movie that depicted the work of Rio de Janeiro’s special police force BOPE won the prestigious golden bear award for best film. The police unit, which often shows up in Human Rights Watch reports and is considered one of the toughest and most professional urban warfare units in the world is the spearhead of the crime-ridden city’s law enforcement policy and has a reputation of being comparatively non-corrupt. Jose Padilha, the director, originally wanted to turn fact accounts from the book of the similar name into a documentary but they changed course and subsequently made one of the most successful Brazilian movies ever.

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Santa Barbara Fest World Premiere from the Chilean Dir: Patricio Guzman, “Nostalgia for the Light”

The Santa Barbara Film Festival will kick off Jan. 27 at the Arlington Theater with the U.S. premiere of “Sarah’s Key,” directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner and starring Kristin Scott Thomas.
The fest announced its lineup Thursday for the 26th edition of the event, which runs through Feb. 6. The closing night film will feature the premiere of “Carmen in 3D,” directed by Julian Napier and marking the first time ever that an opera has been filmed and shown in digital 3D.
“We’ve taken a cue from Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ — ‘You mustn’t be (more…)

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Film of the week: “Post Mortem”

Chilean director Pablo Larrain’s last film, Tony Manero, followed an obsessive Saturday Night Fever fan/John Travolta impersonator, whose absurd passion for disco dancing turned to extreme violence and even murder – all against a backdrop of Pinochet’s repressive and equally murderous regime. It was disturbing, dark and satirical masterpiece of modern Latin American cinema. Its star, Alfredo Castro, was intense and quietly dangerous – seemingly born to play the sociopathic lead role.
Now, two years later, both the director and star have reunited for Post Mortem.
If Sofia Coppola is going to be accused of re-making the same film, (more…)

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Latest News: Havana Film Festival Awards

During 11 days of retracing their steps through the streets of Havana in search of the best selections — in the drizzle, cold or sun — Cuban movie buffs enjoyed a worldwide panorama on celluloid.
We found ourselves in solidarity with an unemployed Brazilian father of a desperate family (perhaps that solidarity was stronger than ever given the concreteness of the issue these days), (more…)

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D Street enters Latin American film market

U.S. and Germany-based D Street Media Group has acquired Argentine film production and sales company Americine as the distribution and production house pushes into Latin America.
D Street founder and CEO Dexter Davis said he plans to build Americine’s Latin American-focused catalog to offer a global selection of titles; step up production and co-productions in Latin America and Europe via (more…)

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Chilean film “Huacho” to participate in South Korean festival


"Haucho" Chilean Feature Film

The movie describes the social conflicts in Chile during the period of its modernization, and will be one of four Latin American films presented at the event.
The Chilean film “Huacho” will be one of the four Latin American movies that will compete at the Jeonju Cinema Festival, one of the most prestigious of South Korea. The event is scheduled to take place between 29 April and 7 May next, revealed the organizers of the event.
Eleven movies will be presented at the festival, among them, “Castro”, by the Argentine Alejo Moguillansky; “Crab Trap” (“El vuelco del cangrejo”), by the Colombian Óscar Ruiz Navia, and (more…)

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