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Interview with Greg Klave director Second Annual Cuban Film Festival (CFF) Twin Cities, Minneapolis

While many filmgoers in the Twin Cities look forward to the annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF), taking place in six weeks, there are a few other film festivals upcoming, including the Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival and the Italian Film Festival, which both start at the end of March. At the present time, the Second Annual Cuban Film Festival (CFF) is taking place at St. Anthony Main Theatre, for the next five Thursdays (the first screening was last Thursday).
Greg Klave, the festival curator, has brought six Cuban films to the Twin Cities. I wanted to ask Greg a few questions about the Cuban Film Festival, how to get involved, support from the Twin Cities, and why most Americans are not allowed to travel to Cuba.

This is the second year of the CFF. How was the turnout last year?
The first year we had a surprising response from the community, with two of the shows sold out and many turned away. Two of the others were close to sell-outs, and the others had a respectable turnout, with over half the theater seats filled. Our discussion groups after the films about the movie and the history of U.S./Cuban relations were also well-attended, and people enjoyed them immensely. We get so much propaganda from (more…)

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Film of the week “Ticket to Paradise” by Gerardo Chijona

Director Gerardo Chijona Valdes guides the actors to realistic performances, though the Cuban drama’s last third begins to feel contrived.
Based on actual events following the dissolution of the USSR and ensuing economic chaos in Cuba, Gerardo Chijona Valdes’ feature Ticket to Paradise is anything but, depicting the often harrowing struggles of neglected teens trying to survive on the streets amidst of a faltering economy. A perceptive and sensitive portrayal of a runaway country girl’s coming of age, the film will find a home with (more…)

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We suport US Filmmaker Who Couldn’t Participate in Cuban Festival

US filmmaker Katrina Browne wanted to participate in the Third Travelling Caribbean Cinema Showcase that ran from July 14 through the 16 but the Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC) denied her the license to travel to Cuba.
Browne expressed her interest into including her documentary Traces of the Trade along the 217 films that participate in this Festival, but when she went to pick her travel license she was told at the OFAC, the US Treasure Department’s office in charge of enforcing the US blockade against Cuba, that she will not receive it this time. (more…)

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Interview with Cuban Filmaker Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

Are relations between the United States and Cuba advancing? Thousands of people from both sides of the Florida Strait ask themselves this question.

Cuban intellectuals, apart from their roles and positions, strive to turn culture into a neutral state for an effective exchange.

Film director Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti knows that a film doesn’t change reality but influences the people’s way of thinking, which does have the power to change it. (more…)

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Tribute to Cuban cinema in Greece

A Cuban movie season is being celebrated in the Greek city of Volos, capital of Magnesia prefecture, in which films and documentaries of the Caribbean country were shown this weekend.

The organizers of the event said on Monday that it was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Film Industry (ICAIC). (more…)

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Festival of Caribbean Cinema in Haiti

A special film program on Haiti will take place from June 10th through the 17th at Havana’s Infanta Movie Theater, as part of the travelling festival of Caribbean cinema.

The program will begin with the cartoon Ame noire, from Canada-Haiti, shot in 2000 and directed by Martine Chartrand, according to the announcement by the Cuban Film Institute. Also scheduled is the Cuban documentary Jacques Roumain: The Passion of a Country, by Arnold Antonin, which focuses on the history and culture of Haiti, the land of writer Jacques Roumain, the life and work of whom is its central theme. Haiti trembles, produced in 2010 and directed by Claude Mancuso, presents images and details on the events of February 12, 2010, in Haiti, when the earthquake that devastated the fraternal country took place.

Haiti Cherie, a film directed by Claudio Del Punta, is set on the groups of humble houses built next to sugar cane fields in the Dominican Republic. It reflects the life of sugar cane cutters, most of them immigrants coming from Haiti.

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Gloria Rolanda’s film “1912: Breaking the Silence”

Afro-Cuban filmmaker, Gloria Rolanda, is coming to Columbia to show her film, “1912: Breaking the Silence.” The film deals with a massacre of Cubans of African descent in 1912 when they tried to organize for racial justice.

Ms. Rolando is coming to Columbia through the efforts of MU Professor Juanamaria Cordones-Cook and her film is co-sponsored by Ragtag Cinema.

In room 114 in the Arts and Sciences Building at MU.

Location: University of Missouri

Event Times

* Friday, April 09, 04:00 p.m.–07:00 p.m

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Cuban Film Industry Stagnant Due to Government Policy

Cuba is currently a cinematic backwater with a film policy that hearkens back to the days of the Soviet Union, Cuban filmmaker Pavel Giroud said Wednesday.

“The way in which film-making is designed in Cuba, it’s as if the Soviet (system) had been implanted. It’s now ineffective. What was once a ferocious dinosaur is now an old dinosaur, a fossil, which is also a reflection of the country, of the situation there,” Giroud told Efe here in an interview.


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Raúl Pérez Ureta: 2010 National Film Prize Winner

Raúl Pérez Ureta, one of the contemporary Cuban cinema’s main photography directors, has been awarded the National Film Prize, a distinction that has recognized the lifetime work of such figures as Alfredo Guevara, Julio García Espinosa, Humberto Solás, Daisy Granados, Fernando Pérez, Nelson Rodríguez, and Leo Brouwer, among others.

Influenced by images inherited from great international photographers such as Greg Toland, Gianni di Venanzo, Jordan Cronenweth, and Serguei Urusevski, Raúl Pérez Ureta has a peculiar way of illuminating, framing, composing, and moving the camera. Each distinguished reference has nurtured his faculty to position light, his great subtlety to design the visual atmosphere of a film.


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Celebrate the annual Cuba Week in Brunswick from April 9th to the 18th

All events take place in downtown Brunswick and are open to the public, and are organized by the Trinidad-Brunswick Sister City Association (more…)

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