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New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema is brand new venture


More than 20 feature films and documentaries from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean (not counting a bunch of short films from Cuba), will be screened between Saturday and Sept. 26 in the first annual New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema.
If that sounds like the Providence Latin American Film Festival which has been showing feature films from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Cuba for the past 17 years, sorry for the confusion. PLAFF will be held this year for four days beginning Sept. 30, (more…)

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National Gallery of Art Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Concert, Films, and Spanish-Language Offerings

Film still from Alamar (Pedro González-Rubio, 2010, 35 mm, Spanish with subtitles, 73 minutes), to be shown at the National Gallery of Art on Saturday, September 18, as part of the GenMex: A New Generation of Cine Mexicano film series.
As Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15, 2010, the National Gallery of Art presents an array of offerings honoring this rich and diverse cultural legacy. (more…)

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Latinbeat Film Festival

Efterpi Charalambidis's 'Libertador Morales' screens at FSLC.

Sex, politics, myth and history collide in the 13th annual Latinbeat Film Festival. FSLC’s survey of recent Latin American cinema gathers up the best recent films from a sprawling geographical zone that extends from Mexico to Argentina—Spanish-speaking, yes, but far from a monoculture.
The nature of film distribution, which tends mostly to move from Hollywood south, means that few of these films have been seen north of the border, let alone in New York. It’s a genuine (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Gigante (Trailer)

A supermarket security guard is drawn to a cleaner he observes on his video security monitors.
26 Aug 20:40
28 Aug 16:00
30 Aug 18:20

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Tony Manero (Trailer)

Tony Manero
A dangerous middle-aged loner hopes to dance his way to fame in Pinochet’s Chile.
25 Aug 20:45
27 Aug 20:40
29 Aug 18:20 (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Liverpool (Trailer)

A solitary sailor takes shore leave for a journey across a bleak, frozen Argentine landscape.
24 Aug 20:40
28 Aug 17:50 (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Dioses (Trailer)

Two spoilt siblings are observed with horror by their future stepmother, in a biting satire on Peruvian society’s social extremes.
23 Aug 20:45
27 Aug 18:20 (more…)

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  • Cine latinoamericano sorprende en el Latin Beat de Nueva York
    Latinoamérica hace su aparición en el festival Latin Beat en Nueva York desde el pasado 12 de julio, con varios de los mejores proyectos de la zona. El aprovechamiento de la realidad de nuestro continente, para bien o para mal, se hace cada vez más evidente en los trabajos audiovisuales que vemos más frecuentes en espacios de esta índole.&nbsp...

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