6 Latin American Films Participate in Films in Progress 21 at the Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine in Toulouse

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Six films from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay participated in the 21st edition of Films in Progress at the Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine in Toulouse, jointly organized with the San Sebastian Festival. The second part of this twice yearly rendezvous will take the shape of Films in Progress 22 at San Sebastian this coming September. A total of 118 films were received for Films in Progress 21.
The films are:
Director: Francisco García

Cast: Pedro di Pietro, Simone Iliescu, Acaüa Sol.
A tale of friendship and let down between three young friends in Sao Paulo as Brazil undergoes its strong economic upsurge. Despite the odd feeling that things could actually change, the meaning of life disappears on those days when «all that is solid melts into the air».

Uruguay – Argentina
Director: Manuel Nieto.

Cast: Felipe Dieste, Alejandro Urdampilleta, Roxana Cabrera, Leonor Courtoisie, Germán de Silva.
Learning that his father has died in an inland town, a student sets out to the funeral. There he discovers that his father has left him an indebted estate and a house inhabited by his mistress, who has no intention of moving out and obliges the young boy to share. A tale of losing one’s roots and personal reconstruction; a metaphor on the inherited country and the youngsters who will eventually have to take charge of that inheritance.


Director: Sebastián Hofmann

Cast: Alberto Trujillo, Lourdes Trueba
Alberto is dead and can no longer pretend otherwise. A degenerative disease makes his decomposition increasingly more noticeable. No make-up or perfume can disguise his condition. He leaves his job to fade into the boundaries of his death, but not before striking up an unusual friendship with Luly, manager of the gym at which he works as a night watchman.


Colombia – France – Mexico
Director: William Vega

Cast: Joghis Arias, Julio Cesar Roble, David Guacas, Heraldo Romero, Floralba Achicanoy
Alicia feels lost. The memory of war clings to her mind in a terrifying rumble. Thrown off her land by armed conflict, she tries to build a new life at “La Sirga”, a rundown boarding house on the shore of a large lagoon high up in the Andes mountain range. The place is owned by Oscar, her only surviving relative, an unsociable, solitary old man. There, in a miry, unstable beach, Alicia tries to plant new roots, until her fears and the threat of war reappear once again.

Uruguay – Mexico – Holland
Directors: Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge

Cast: Néstor Guzzini, Malú Chouza, Joaquín Castiglioni
Family holidays where nothing goes as planned. A tale set in a half-empty thermal spa lashed by constant rain where the only thing they can do is stay together.


Argentina – Holland – France
Director: Gonzalo Tobal
Cast: Esteban Lamothe, Esteban Bigliardi.
Reunited after several years, cousins Esteban and Pipa travel by car to their grandfather’s funeral in Villegas, the small inland town where they grew up together. Their return becomes an intense emotional journey marked by reunions, the weight of the past and the end of an era.

Source: Indiewire


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