Icaro festival Guatemala – 18th to 25th of November

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In 2010, the 13th edition of the Icaro festival is taking place from 18th to 25th of November in Guatemala City with its annual admission of about 400 films and 25 participating countries. The ICARO film festival is an international project with emphasis on the Central American region and defines itself as multicultural, divers, tolerant, pacific and democratic. Its annual realization requires a committee of organizers represented in each country of Central America which is in charge of the call for proposals and the participation of the audiovisual sector.

The organization committee cooperates with different entities and personalities of the Latin American and worldwide film industry thus to be connected to the international film festival landscape, to the Latin American film production and distribution market and to regional mediums of communication. A complex network of international collaborators and friends, private initiatives, national state institutes and the audiovisual sector has been established in the last decade.

This festival has two competitive levels, one focusing on Central America with the objective of stimulating and prioritizing the regional production, and one concentrated on foreign contributions in order to link the festival to international cinema movements. At the same time the festival is divided in a cinema section and a video section, which allows the projection of all kinds of audiovisual types.

The nominated and awarded films of the Central American Icaro Festival in Guatemala City are being presented at the national Icaro Festivals in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, which take place between August and October each year. By this means, the Icaro Festival consists of six national festivals, headed by the Central American film festival in Guatemala City.

Since its beginning, the Icaro Festival has been developing and prioritizing its educational activities with the object of professionalizing the audiovisual sector and thereby sustain a future film industry in Guatemala.

For more information about the films go to www.festivalicaro.com


About Icaro Festival

The Icaro festival is a project created and produced by Casa Comal, Arte y Cultura, an association dedicated to establish a sustainable Central American film industry.

Casa Comal is known for its work and engagement to create a film and audiovisual industry in Central America. The Icaro festival is the biggest festival of film and television in the Central American region and recognized among the most important film festivals in Latin America. In 2010, the 13th edition of the Icaro festival is taking place from 18th to 25th of November in Guatemala City with its annual admission of about 400 films and 25 participating countries.

The Icaro festival is giving attention to presenting topics related with cultural diversity, environment, human rights issues and which are generally leading to the construction of a culture of peace. Furthermore, the Icaro festival is showing the most recent works of Latin American and worldwide cinema.

The Icaro festival started in Guatemala and is now being reproduced in all capital cities in Central America from San Salvador to Panama, showing the best of each year.

An international film festival is like a window on the world for a region or a country and internally it takes part in forming the national identity and encourages multicultural exchange. In return of creating an atmosphere that stimulates production, distribution and audiovisual consumption, and the touristy importance it can gain, in countries with an existing film industry, governments, municipalities, national film institutes and touristy corporations are sustaining and supporting film festivals. After existing more than a decade, the Icaro Festival has acquired dimensions which are requiring a decisive backing by the state for its maintenance and future development. Casa Comal is recommending a period of transition in order to transfer the Icaro Festival to an institutional committee that is able to sustain continuity.


In 1998, after the signing of the peace accords in Guatemala, one group of film makers decided to organize the First Icaro Film and Video Festival with the ambition to create a new culture of peace and to provide a space for the public and the artists to meet and reflect about multiculturalism and diversity in our society.

From the beginning, the Icaro Festival had a good start and could count with the subsidy of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Guatemala, as well as the support of Universities and TV channels. The participation of film makers was incredibly high since the beginning. In the third year, the Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD) iniciated an institutional funding of Casa Comal, the organization responsible for the creation and implementation of the Icaro Festival. Other agencies, like HIVOS from Holland, the Peace Corps from Norway (Fredskorpset) and private companies provided support to realize the Icaro Festival.

The festival was transforming into a Central American film festival and important representatives of the Latin American cinema were being invited as special guests or jury members and the Icaro awards acquired international prestige and credibility. In 2004 the first rotating exhibition of the Icaro Festival was initiated, a selection of works, nominated and awarded by the Icaro Festival in Guatemala, which are rotating in the capital cities of the region. This selection is as well sent to different international film festivals.

Constantly growing, the Icaro Festival was having a key function by forming a regional audiovisual movement, by increasing the quality standards of its film production and by creating a space, where public and film makers can meet. The Icaro Festival with its 13 competing categories has opened up new possibilities of expression for everyone.

In doing so the Icaro Festival with over 30 nations participating each year, was becoming the biggest and the most representative festival of the audiovisual movement in the region and recognized among the most important film festivals in Latin America.

Festival Team

Managing Directors: Rafael Rosal,Elías Jiménez

Programation: Ray Figueroa

Festival Manager:Katharina Posch.

Administration:Clarissa de Paz.


Telephone numbers: (502) 2367-3162, (502) 2367-1783

Address: Festival Ícaro/Casa Comal, 15 AVE. “A” 14-11 zona 10. Oakland. Ciudad de Guatemala 01010 Guatemala. C.A.

Source: www.festivalicaro.com



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