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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Gigante (Trailer)

A supermarket security guard is drawn to a cleaner he observes on his video security monitors.
26 Aug 20:40
28 Aug 16:00
30 Aug 18:20

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Tony Manero (Trailer)

Tony Manero
A dangerous middle-aged loner hopes to dance his way to fame in Pinochet’s Chile.
25 Aug 20:45
27 Aug 20:40
29 Aug 18:20 (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Liverpool (Trailer)

A solitary sailor takes shore leave for a journey across a bleak, frozen Argentine landscape.
24 Aug 20:40
28 Aug 17:50 (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Dioses (Trailer)

Two spoilt siblings are observed with horror by their future stepmother, in a biting satire on Peruvian society’s social extremes.
23 Aug 20:45
27 Aug 18:20 (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: The Headless Woman (Trailer)

The Headless Woman
Lucrecia Martel’s compelling psychological thriller follows a middle-class woman in the aftermath of a car accident.
21 Aug 20:40
28 Aug 20:40
30 Aug 20:40 (more…)

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Today at BFI “South American Renaissance”: Madeinusa (Trailer)

Hugely original, exquisitely shot fable by gifted Peruvian Claudia Llosa.
20 Aug 20:40
23 Aug 18:20 (more…)

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Next Tuesday “Chance” part of Latino Chicago Film


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Cuba: Interview with Ernesto Padron director of “Meñique”


Those who have read Meñique, a short story adapted by Cuban National Hero Jose Marti for The Golden Age children’s magazine in the 1880’s, know that creativity and perseverance are the most powerful weapons. Ernesto Padron, the director of the animated version of Meñique, spoke with Juventud Rebelde about the work he and an army of animators, painters and computer graphic artist have done so far to adapt the story for cinema.
The production of the film, the first CGI movie ever made in Cuba, (more…)

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Cuban Animated Film “20 Años” Awarded in Portugal

20 Años: dibujo animado cubano premiado en Festival Internacional Avanca.

The animated film “20 Años“, by Cuban producer Barbaro Joel Ruiz, won the animation prize at the International Festival of Avanca, a renowned event on cinema,television, video and multimedia, held in Portugal.
The awarded work was premiered in the 32nd edition of Havana’s International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, where it obtained the Special Prize of the Jury.
In this Festival, “20 Años” also won the prizes given by the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists and the Foundation of the New Latin American Cinema, according to (more…)

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Latino cinema returns to San Diego

A very successful Mexican romantic comedy returns, literary, to San Diego.
The film Regresa (Return), which had its world premiere at the San Diego Latino Film Festival in March, will run as part of the newest Cinema en tu idioma series from August 13 through 19 at the UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center.
Regresa is fantasy romantic comedy, starring Jaime Camil and Blanca Soto, where a woman who is ignored by her husband attends hypnosis therapy, only to return from her hypnotic trip believing she’s a Basque princess from the 15th century. (more…)

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